Webinar to Help Youth Athletic Associations with Concussion Policies & Management Protocols

On March 2nd the Georgia Concussion Coalition is hosting a free concussion discussion webinar from 7:00-8:00 p.m. Jeff Hopp, Chairman of the Georgia Concussion Coalition and Certified Athletic Trainer, will be online to help coaches, parents, athletic association directors, healthcare professionals, and others in the community looking to establish and implement strong concussion policies and management protocols for their athletic associations.

Topics of discussion include training tips for coaches, athletes, and parents to better understand the signs and risks of a concussion, the details of sideline diagnostics and Return to Play protocols, legal obligations to be aware of as an organization, and how to cultivate an association with a concussion-aware culture.

Paige Havens, Georgia Concussion Coalition Director said, “This is a perfect opportunity for community members, athletic association directors, and healthcare professionals to start some dialogue about concussions and improve how they manage concussions.” Havens added, “We want those of you who have questions to join us in this open and honest discussion about this silent epidemic effecting the safety of youth athletes all across the state.”

Click here to register for the webinar.

To print out the webinar flyer to share with others, click below.

Webinar Flyer 030216

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