How Does Your Athletic Association Rate?

When it comes to choosing an athletic association where your child will play recreational or competitive sports, it is imperative that parents seek the answers to these questions:


_____ Require annual concussion awareness and prevention training for all coaches?

_____ Offer concussion recognition education courses for parents and athletes?

_____ Provide information to parents at each season’s registration explaining the nature and risk of concussion and head injury to athletes? *

_____ Have written concussion management and return to play policies and procedures?

_____ Have a certified athletic trainer on the sidelines for practices and games?

_____ Check for concussion signs and symptoms after an athlete experiences hard impacts?

_____ Immediately remove from play an athlete showing signs and symptoms of concussion? *

_____ Support removal from play and don’t rush the concussion healing process?

_____ Have a certified athletic trainer and/or team doctor to guide athlete’s return to play?

_____ Require written medical clearance and signed release from a healthcare provider before allowing a concussed athlete to return to any athletic activity? *

SCORE: _____/10

Note: * Indicates actions required by Georgia’s Return Play Law. If they are not following these three practices, they are not operating in compliance with the law.

If your child’s athletic association is not following most of these practices, you as a parent should be concerned about your child’s safety. Please encourage your association executives to call us at the Georgia Concussion Coalition at 678-938-4279 for guidance and resources to improve their practices.

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