The NFL is taking steps towards preventing concussions with research into more protective helmets as well as stricter return-to-play rules.  Commissioner Roger Goodell just sent a memo to all 32 teams asking teams to take players out of the game that day with any sign of concussions. This is better than the old rule, established in 2007, stating that a player could return but could not return if a player loses consciousness.

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The NFL is trying to help former players that may be experiencing forms of head trauma that may have been caused by undetected head injuries.  The NFL has also allowed certain types of hits to prevent helmet to helmet contact, a leading cause of head trauma.

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As of the 2011 season, the MLB has begun looking to prevent players from returning from injury to quickly as well as begin to prevent certain events that could cause concussions.  As of this year, they have just past a rule to prevent home plate collisions.   For more on this click this link:

NCAA Football:

The NCAA has begun ensuring the safety of its athletes, especially those who participate in contact sports.  It has ways for coaches as well as other student athletes to identify symptoms as well as what they should do if such a situation arises.  For more information, click the link below:

USA Football:

With the NFL improving the well-being of players, USA football is making efforts to prevent concussions at all ages, from pewee football to college football.  They are following suit with return-to-play rules.   The CDC has set forth rules that USA football is following and encouraging all leagues in every states to adopt these rules. For more about USA football and the CDC, click the following links: